5 Steps to Getting More Clients Without Chasing

Uncategorized Feb 09, 2022

I am not building a business.

I am creating a community.

That's why I have never done cold calling or messaging.

I know it works very well for some people. But for me? I'd rather grow my community in congruence with my values.

The way I look at it: You don't walk over to an attractive person at the bar and make a move. You can get laid that way, but nothing good ever comes out of it long-term. It's the same when selling.

It takes time. Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.

The three main mistakes that most small business owners make are:

- They pitch their service too early

- They are awkward in sales conversations

- They don't have a process to close a deal with ease

In this mini-class, I teach a 5-step process that helps you...

- Create the right time to make an offer

- Be your natural authentic self in sales conversations

- Sell with ease

If you want to know the finer points, schedule a FREE Accelerator Audit with me.


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