Can't scale, stuck small


If you have clients who haggle and squeeze every ounce of energy out of you ...
When you experience scope creep without more billing ...
When you feel exposed because one client takes most of your time and selling falls by the wayside ...
Consider that maybe it is time to upgrade your clients.
When it comes to finding high value clients, most consultants and business coaches market to prospects in terms of the pains they help their clients alleviate.
That is absolutely the WRONG approach.
Such messaging resonates with business owners and executives who are struggling or even flat out failing.
They are in a scarcity mindset: Not enough money. Out of time. Insufficient resources. Broken processes. Limited budget.
Prime Target Clients have a growth mindset.
Here is how to communicate differently in your social media and marketing to upgrade your clients.

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Be an Authority in Your Industry in Three Months


When it comes to building your authority, most consultants believe that they need to write a book to attract a following – and paying clients.

This is absolutely the WRONG approach.

I wrote a best-selling book. I paid a book coach an insane amount of money. It made bestseller status. 

When I approached publishers and publicists, their first question was: ‘What’s your platform?’

You see, the publishing industry has changed. They produce, print, and distribute your book – but YOU will need to do the marketing.

You already need to be an authority with a following to get published.

If you aren’t already, publishers may even ask YOU to buy a few thousand books so that at least their costs are covered.

So, don’t waste your money and build your authority first – and faster than you can with any book.

Building your authority is a process.

It’s all about knowing …

  • Whether or not there is demand for your service
  • If there are...
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1,000 Ideas for Handraiser Posts That Get Engagement

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How to sell on social media at no cost

Generate a daily flow of new leads without spending hours a day hustling on social media. I will share the three best strategies to find new potential clients. Every. Single. Day.
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5 Steps to Getting More Clients Without Chasing


I am not building a business.

I am creating a community.

That's why I have never done cold calling or messaging.

I know it works very well for some people. But for me? I'd rather grow my community in congruence with my values.

The way I look at it: You don't walk over to an attractive person at the bar and make a move. You can get laid that way, but nothing good ever comes out of it long-term. It's the same when selling.

It takes time. Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.

The three main mistakes that most small business owners make are:

- They pitch their service too early

- They are awkward in sales conversations

- They don't have a process to close a deal with ease

In this mini-class, I teach a 5-step process that helps you...

- Create the right time to make an offer

- Be your natural authentic self in sales conversations

- Sell with ease

If you want to know the finer points, schedule a FREE Accelerator Audit with me.

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4 Ways to Increase Trust

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Success Habits for Small Businesses

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Three mistakes that lead to low engagement online

When it comes to engaging their audience on LinkedIn most small business owners have three frustrations:
  1. It takes time to create good content
  2. Content does not get reactions
  3. Low engagement over time
As a result, they get content creation fatigue and revenue stays flat.
If that is you, do this instead:
  •  Define key issues your clients have each week
  • Implement a publishing rhythm that the algorithm supports
  • Create once, re-use often
If you want my worksheets to help you with that, comment 'engagement' below and I will send them to you.
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Retain Your Clients Over The Holidays

When when we went into the Holiday season last year, my client Terri was afraid she would lose some of her clients.
This happened every year.
She wondered why her clients would stop using her services during this time. And then, come next year, it seemed always impossible to re-engage.
She told me that it felt like a failure. She wondered if she was not good enough?
Why else would her clients, who made such great progress with her, suddenly dump her?
We then went through her entire client list and used my Traffic Light system for each to see which ones were most likely to disengage.
Then we applied my Reflection Amplifier to interview each client to reflect on their journey, identify what they still needed to achieve, and then pre-loaded the year for them.
This Holiday Season, it's a totally different picture for her. Clients enjoy this review process with her and cannot wait to continue working with her in the first week of...
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How to find your purpose


So many reasons to be angry, upset, or worried right now.

Let's NOT pick one.

In two years from now, we want to be proud of how we handled ourselves today.

We want our children to be proud of the role models we are.

In 25 years from now, we want our grandkids to wonder how we were such badasses and set our standards high.

If you died today and met the person who you could have become, what changes did you wish you had made?

How would have shown up differently in the world?

What quality of energy would you have generated and infused in your team, communities, and family?

Who would you spend more time with?

What choices would you NOT make?

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