6 New Ideas for Finally Getting Results with Daily Affirmation

Uncategorized Mar 09, 2020

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Are your daily affirmations working? If they don't, why not? And if they do, why haven't you progressed faster yet? My name is Andrew Lawless. I'm the best selling author and certified high-performance coach and know how much I honor and respect you for saying your daily affirmations. This is amazing. Because what that means is that you are absolutely committed to excellence. That you know that there's a higher level for yourself and that you need to have certain beliefs about yourself that get you there. Amazing. So by all means, do them every day.


The problem with most affirmations, though, is they are selfish, right? They sound like this. I have the courage. I am strong enough. I will be able to do that. I can do anything I put my mind to. It's all about the person. The most effective and impactful affirmations, though, are the ones that are directed at others. They serve a purpose. They serve other people. They serve the environment. They serve your neighborhoods, your communities. 


And there's the ask for strength, for personal strength. But that strength is almost, almost always tied towards serving others. The most successful people that I know pray every morning for others. Yes, they pray for the strength and the wisdom and the insight and the compassion. But they pray for it because they are very clear on how are they are going to use these strengths for others?


So here are six ideas that you can implement into your affirmations that hopefully will make them better.


Download the Worksheet Pillars of High Performance here.


First idea is: Productivity


Ask for insights on what your mission is and that you're focused enough to deliver on that mission with concrete action. Because affirmations without action are wasted. They don't do anything. They're just in your head, and you'll feel better for a while, but it's not doing anything. So ask for the ability to be productive enough today so that you can make a bigger difference with other people and then put it into action. 


Second idea: Persuasion


 Ask for the ability to demonstrate empathy and compassion, for example, so that you can influence others better, so that they achieve their goals, that they're getting better, that they are being lifted up. Do you see a difference already? It's, yes, ask for a follow-up. You ask if I would like to be able to influence better: "I can influence other people better, but I will influence other people better because I want them to make more money, be better spouses, be more loving to their kids, be better as citizens." Uh, whatever it is, right that you persuade to help people and make that part of your daily accommodation.


Third one: Psychology


Ask for living the truth, for being authentic. Cause there's no other role model or better role model, then those people that are authentic. People who are living their truth are congruent, they [keep a promise], they do what they preach.


So that requires a psychology that you need to implement every day. In life, things happen. I'm not always Mr. Positive and happy. I don't know about you, but sometimes I'm overwhelmed by what's in front of me, and I am frustrated with people, but I don't stay there. I ask every day about how can I be a better me to serve the people around me, my clients, my family, and my neighbors better? 


Fourth idea: Physiology


So if you want to help other people, well, you gotta be healthy for it? So, yes, ask for that. It's okay to ask and convince yourself that you're happy that you're healthy and that you will be able to lose weight, and you will be strong. But you want that because it serves others. 


I know that just for you, yes, you feel better. That's okay. But the impact is when it serves others. The universe usually gives back what we send out, right? So if we give our physical and mental strength to others, that will come back.


Fifth idea: Presence.


Don't we all love those people that when we talk to them, they are there? They are talking to us. There's no other person in the room that's more important than we are. They don't check their phones, they don't have any notifications on their smartwatches. They're not checking out other people except for when they see you that you are thirsty and you want another glass of water or wine or whatever, and they're hail the waiter. But other than that, they're here. They're in totally in tune with you, with your energy, with your emotions, with your words. They ask the right questions, they listen, they help you to reflect. They're there, right. So in your daily affirmation, ask for that emotional and physical vibrancy and presence that you can give to people. 


Sixth idea: Purpose


That's how this thing started. Ask for having all of that, the strength, the emotional resilience, the physical resilience, the influence skills that serve your purpose. In your affirmations, say something like: "You know what? I can stay on track. I will not be sidetracked by the minutia of life. I will not be sidetracked by the unimportant things like checking social media for two hours a day or so. So give me the strength. I have the strength." Or when you pray, wish: Give me the strength to stay on purpose." 


And when you've done all of that, then put it into your calendar. Make it an action item. At least one. And I challenge you today: The next time when you go through your affirmations, go through this excuse, productivity, preservation, psychology, physiology, presence, and purpose. 


And by the way, I have a worksheet that you can download right here, It will give you the six ideas with a little bit of a description, and it will help you in your daily affirmations.


But when you're done with them, extract at least one action item from them and put them in your calendar. So at the end of your daily affirmation, put something in like: "Who is the one person who needs me on my A-game today?" And turn that into an action item. "Who can I make a difference for today?" And make that an action item. "Who do I need to connect with today?" And make that an action item. "How can I demonstrate value today?" And make it an action item. "How can I demonstrate excellence today?" And make that an action item.


If it's not in your calendar, it's not going to happen. 


Remember, affirmations without action are wasted. And we're not here to waste things. We would like to get on that higher level. Remember? And that's why you do the daily affirmations in the first place. So, ask for all of these strengths for other people, and then make an action item.


My Challenge to You


I challenge you today to do this, at least one. Download this worksheet and share this with at least five other people today. Help them to have successful affirmations that change the world. Okay?


And when you're done, when you have results, please put it here in the comments box. Let me know what has changed for you. Let me know how fast you got to the next level or what insights you gained or what feedback you suddenly got from the people that you met or the action that you've taken. I will read it. I'll respond to you, and I will also be looking forward to seeing your friends and colleagues' comments here as well. They, too, can come here and download this worksheet.


I cannot wait to read it and between now and then stay amazing.


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