Bring certainty where there is not any

Uncategorized Apr 01, 2020
This is the time to skill up, level up, and serve. In two years from now, we will look back at this time and be proud of how we carried ourselves. That’s why I am on fire today.
I am working hard on coaching my clients through hard questions:
'How do I lead my team through this crisis?'
'How can I virtualize more?'
'How can I be a good caretaker when I cannot visit the hospital?'
'How can I be productive with the kids running around?'
'How do I give birth now?'
'How do I hold a virtual funeral?'
And - this is a true question I heard: 'How do I have sex with my partner now that I have no more excuses?'
My focus is shifting.
Surrounding ourselves with the right people is vital right now. So I also put together a Mastermind Group of like-minded people.
We need to plant the seeds now so that we can rise above when this is over.
Yes, we can withdraw and contract today, but doing so will also prevent us from rising faster and higher later on. We learned that from the last two recessions.
Worrying about our jobs, colleagues, and family might be weighing hard on us. What we can do is help them think differently about their situation, challenge them to rise above, and role model the way.
This is why I reach out to Doulas, Spiritual Coaches, Healers, and Online Hypnotists right now. My friends and clients need them. I have talked to more new people, made more new connections, deepened more relationships in the past three weeks than all of last year.
Keep your spirit up. You have the heart of a lion or lioness. Don't let it beat like that of a mouse.
You lead, not follow, you are the voice, you believe, not doubt, you are a force for good, you set the standards. You step up!
Bring certainty where there is not any.
The world needs you.
Do it in the company of heroes. Rise with my High Performance Mastermind Group:

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