How men can connect better with their female colleagues and peers

Uncategorized Apr 17, 2021

Interesting fact: Only women showed up for my workshop on how men can connect better with their female colleagues and peers.

This is a reflection of the challenge that women experience at work every day:

  • Not embedded as much in corporate networks as men.
  • Not receiving as much constructive feedback as men do.
  • Not having access to the same information as man do.
  • Do get judged harsher and penalized harder for mistakes than men.

Neither men nor women tend to do well in such an environment. It makes it so much harder to:

  • negotiate well
  • speak with confidence
  • share ideas openly

Science does not support that women have different communication styles than men. Men respond to unsupportive environments exactly how women do.

The real issue is that women are disproportionally put in environments, created by men, in which thriving is hard.

Men have a moral and ethical responsibility to create safe spaces and an inclusive work environment for and in teamwork with women.

When I asked men who registered for my workshop why they did not show up, one responded: "I am just not interested.'

We have got work to do.

Who is with me?


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