How to find your WHY in 10 minutes

Uncategorized Mar 30, 2021

If I’ve learned anything from working with some of the highest performers in the world, including billionaires, millionnaire business owners, CEO, and my very own, then it is that they all have a sense of absolutely necessary to excel. In other words, we must know our WHY.

When the going gets rough, and rough it will inevitably get, we need a strong reason to pull through.

It does not have to be a change-the-world WHY. One of my clients wants to give his parents a comfortable retirement. Another one wants to get her children through college so that they stand a fighting chance in life.

To speak with Brendon Burchard: "You must get more emotionally committed to what you are doing, and reach that point where success (or whatever outcome you’re after) is not just an occasional preference but a soul-deep necessity."

Here is a short exercise that I learned from Dean Graziosi. I hope you will find it as beneficial and powerful as many of my clients have.


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