Life can end ‘just like that’ – and lead to spiritual healing.

Uncategorized Oct 11, 2019

My father went AWOL when I was 3. But when I heard that he died some 30 years later, I cried.

I do not know why. It just happened.

I was sitting in my dorm at Harvard Business School when my mother called and told me.

Don’t ask me how she knew and why she was still that much engaged.

There are family secrets that we only learn when the people in questions are gone.

For me, I think, it was the realization that the time for asking questions has passed, and I will never get answers.

Then I did what most guys are being taught to do – I bottled it down and never went there again.

Kim Konsten had a different, more healthy response.

Her father died alone in his apartment. They had not spoken for years. But the way he died had a lasting impact on her.

So much that spiritual healing has become her focus in life.

Here is her story.



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