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Uncategorized Jul 27, 2020

Am I the only one who has crazy business ideas all the time - and then someone else turns them into money?

I have always had the idea to sell Irish rainwater to Americans.

Makes total sense to me.

 Rain is a never-dwindling resource on the emerald island, and Americans are crazy about everything Irish.

Turns out, trying to sell rainwater did not go so well for the Irish Rain Water Company who beat me to the punch in 2016.

Their website is down, and their Facebook business page amassed a whopping 21 likes.

In another case, Paul O'Flynn also had the same idea and even received an innovation grant from Enterprise Ireland, you know, the government organization responsible for the development and growth of Irish enterprises, which turned down the Stripe founders, Patrick and John Collison.

So, I am not the only crazy one here.

But O'Flynn's Kickstarter campaign ended on June 29, 2018, because only eight people backed the idea.

It raised only 2.6% of the needed capital to get this idea off the ground.

Aren’t I glad it wasn’t me.

It was also not by accident that I did not move on my crazy idea.

A few years ago I decided to help us crazies out and created a process that validates what's in our heads and turns it into a product that sells.

And OMG, I am so excited about the impact that this one process has had on my client family.

Cassie wrote only last week:


So, I had another crazy idea.

I will share this process with my most loyal fans and followers and give back the love.

  • 3 Days of giving back.
  • 3 Days of Complimentary Training. 

It’s called “How To Turn Your Knowledge Into Money.”

If you have a phone and internet, there are OPPORTUNITIES everywhere right now to turn what you already know into consistent income.


I said the word “opportunities.”


The global thought leader market is expected to reach a combined value of more than $325 billion by 2025.

More and more people are looking for very specific content online.

They want to learn how to live, how to express themselves, and how to get stuff done.

75% of Google searches being with 'How to ...'

While so many other businesses (retail, leisure, aviation, etc.) are collapsing, the online knowledge industry is now a HALF A BILLION a Day Industry (and soon becoming a 1 billion dollar a day industry).

As people continue to transition slowly between openings and closures, they will want MORE from life.

People want specific solutions to get SH$T done.

Thought leaders are making good money teaching people how to knit, how to restore cars, how to sow, how to cook, how to invest money, how to meditate, how to stay fit in lockdown.

You name it.

You are only bound by your imagination and creativity.

So NOW is the perfect time for you to either:

  • create a Thriving Thought Leader Business, or
  • accelerate your existing Coaching, consulting, or teaching practice.

On the training, I will be sharing how to:

  • Position yourself in the three indestructible markets
  • Verify demand and buyers for your business idea
  • Build your minimal viable sales process
  • Find your audience
  • Test your messaging
  • Create your high-ticket signature program

During these times of VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity), I know all to well how lonely, frustrating and scary it can be to start a new venture based on a crazy idea.

So l will be walking you through the steps to move forward with more certainty and less overwhelm.

I also know that time is more important than money. I do not want you to waste either.

So, while this 3-day training is free, I want you to join it knowing it will be all worth your while.

That’s why I just cut this short training video for you on how to validate your idea. 

You can also secure your spot in the complimentary 3-Day Training in my Facebook group here.


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