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Dear Consultant / Business Coach:

My name is Andrew Lawless. Despite being an immigrant from Germany, the FBI vetted for top-secret clearance so that I could improve several of their consulting services.

Over the last 25 years I have worked with organizations, such as:

  • The World Bank

  • Vista Print

  • Waters Corp.

  • Agilent

  • IG Markets

... And a few more Fortune 10 and 500 companies that I cannot name because of non-disclosure agreements. 

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Over that time, I have helped these companies to procure all kinds of services from language consulting to IT integration. What I have learned is that even billion-dollar businesses work with a remarkable number of businesses-of-one and small vendors.

It's a myth spread by the big consulting firms that big companies only want to work with big vendors. It's a blatant, self-serving lie. There. I said it.

You don't need a 'professional' sales team, complex inbound funnels, agressive outside sales reps, gigantic ad spend, SEO-optimized websites, that money slide in your PowerPoint. ... or any of that other jazz.

In fact, thanks to LinkedIn, there is not B2B sales anymore. There is only Human to Human conversation.

(It's something that can partially be automated too ... so that you do not need to go find the right leads on Linkedin all day ...)

On this page, I'll be sharing these key strategies with you.

Are you against learning how it works?

The LinkedIn Client-Getting Method That Has Helped My Clients Reach $1 million / year


My client Shelley grew her business out of a camper trailer with a mobile internet connection. Because COVID stopped construction of her house, this living condition which was meant to be for just a couple of days lasted over a year. Yet she first doubled then tripled her business.

How did she do it?

No sales rep ...

No fancy website ...

No incessantly posting content ...

No cold calling or messaging ...

She did not have a fancy lead magnet ...

She Didn't Even Speak Or Network At Conferences...

Here is what she did do:

  • Built a service that her ideal clients wanted.

  • A way to deliver that service without a physical office.

  • A strategy for generating big ticket clients who'd pay her upfront

And it was these three things (plus the client-getting method I'm about to give you) that allowed her to grow in the most difficult business climate we have seen since the global financial crisis of 200/9.

Now imagine what YOU can do with a proper roof and high-speed internet connection. Would you mind getting more details?

I Simply Told My Students To Implement This Strategy. Here Is What Happened:

If you’re like most of the consultants and business coaches I’ve worked with in the past, you’ve got two of the points I listed above down already – 1. a service that people want, and 2. a way to deliver that service.

On this page, I want to show you how to implement point number 3 – a strategy for consistently growing and scaling your business.

Get Clients On LinkedIn Now™ Doesn't Require Additional Tools, Tech, or Time (And You Still Automate When You Are Ready)

As consultants, we help our clients transform. Whenever we invest our time in selling, we take away our most precious resource from our clients. That's why I built this strategy with your time and money in mind:

  • It's free (and can be automated for the price of lunch)
  • An hour a month can get you 100 leads.
  • You only need to follow up with the leads who are most likely to buy.

If you need clients on autopilot, this is the easiest way of making that happen.

Get The Training, Scripts, Live Coaching, And Implementation Support For Just $97 Today

  • You do NOT need any prior experience in sales or marketing. If you are new to sales, you will love it. If you already have sales experience, you'll simplify what you have done before while leveling up your strategy.
  • You do NOT need to invest a lot of marketing dollars (in ads, SEO, web design, copywriting, etc.  )
  • You do NOT need to be online all the time and scrolling through feeds, messaging strangers, commenting on other people's posts, or inventing the ultimate engagement posts.
  • You do NOT need to do this on your own. You can use templates and scripts as they are or tweak them a little to make them your own. You'll also have access to live coaching and a support group of high performing consultants.
  •  You do NOT need to use sleazy car salesperson-type tactics. Everything you'll do is ethical and transparent because you'll be the prize that your leads want to win. You'll be the authority they are looking for.

Get Clients On LinkedIn Now™

Get The Full Training, Scripts, Live Coaching, And Implementation Support For Just $97 Today.
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Here Is How It Works ... 


Attract Your Ideal Clients

Most consultants are super smart and can help a great diversity of people with a number of problems. But clients pay more for experts you can deliver and are radically accountable. We'll communicate your uniqueness doing the following:

  • Finetune your niche with the Authority Verifier™
  • Communicate your expertise with the Authority Profile Builder™
  • Build an offer that people actually want to buy.

You’ll finish this module with the ability to attract rather than chase clients.


Start Sales Conversations

Selling can happen without the typical car salesperson stench.  In this lesson, you’ll learn:

  • How to naturally initiate conversations with the Audience Engagement Blueprint™
  • How to get handraisers for your service on Linkedin with the Linkedin Engagement Machine™
  • How to use a one page lead magnet to start sales conversations with the Lead Magnet Funnel™

You’ll finish this lesson being able to start sales conversations without awkwardness


Schedule Sales Appointments

Make people want to speak to you about how they can buy your services with:

  • The LinkedIn Events Appointment Funnel™

  • A messaging script that helps you select clients instead of selling to them

  • A LinkedIn Event that enables you to sell before it actually happens.

You’ll finish this lesson with a system that gets you sales appointments every week. 


Sell Your Services

We'll take the awkwardness out of the sales conversation and make it a meaningful conversation that naturally makes your ideal clients want to work with you using:

  • The Prospect Qualifier™ to select which people you want to talk to.
  • Screening Call Optimizer™ to increase conversion of leads to paying clients
  • Strategy Call Sales System™ to make leads ask to work with you.

You’ll finish this course with a simple sales process and all the scripts you need to close sales. 


Advanced Success Strategies

You'll get high performance  tools to move your game to the next level, such as:

  • Training on Success Habits For Consultants™.
  • The Money Stream™ to help you grow your business and increase sales.
  • Your Next Right Move™ to eliminate overwhelm from servicing more clients.

You’ll also get life coaching and access to a support community to help you achieve results beyond standard norms while safeguarding your health and relationships.

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Hear It From My Clients ... 


I'm Andrew Lawless

During the global financial crisis of 2008/9 I almost lost everything. I had no clients and no one was hiring. I was one month away from losing my house.

But bankruptcy was not an option. I had a family to support.

Desperate for money, I found ONE business owner who wanted to work with me, but did not have the cash. Somehow, I got her to pay me a few thousand dollars that covered my next month's payments.

Fast forward three years, my business surpassed 7-figures.

I presented my case studies to the White House and testified before the US Senate on the importance of professional development to the US Economic Security.

Today I help consultants achieve the same level of financial success and authority - even if they do not have a following or track record.

You can be one of them.

Get Clients On LinkedIn Now™

 Is For You If...

  • You already have an idea of whom to serve
  • You are targeting business clients 
  • You want to grow your consulting business
  • You want quality clients now.

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