3 Strategies Consultants Need Now

I just got a bill from my accountant with charges for preparing and filing my taxes. They charge $250 per hour.

That leaves me with two questions:

🧐 Why $250 per hour?

😟 Why so many hours?

Every time my accountant bills me, I am near having a fit.

I always, always have that undercurrent feeling of uncertainty. For some reason, it costs $4,000 every year to do my taxes. πŸ‘€ Why?

I have no idea if all these hours are justified, if all deductions and exceptions were applied to the max, or how accurate my tax report is.

I trust them, but …. that subtle discomfort and doubt are always there when I need to fork over πŸ’΅πŸ’ΈπŸ’΅.

And that is how a lot of #consulting work is being done these days.

I have news for you. It’s changing.

In times of uncertainty, that subtle discomfort starts turning into a heightened state of aggravation.

The old model of charging dollars for hours is no longer bearable. Consulting #clients want to:

βœ… Achieve specific results within a short period,

βœ… Get those results at lower total cost, and

βœ… Feel assured that their #consultant is ahead of the latest best practices and innovations.

That’s not good news for consultants who still charge by the hour.

Their business model is simple: More hours = more income.

Clients want predictability.

βœ… What concrete results will I get in the next 12 weeks?

βœ… Are we applying best practices?

βœ… Are we delivering or implementing at best value?

That’s why you need three systems in your consulting business now:

βœ… An Irresistible Consulting Offer™ that clearly defines outcomes in a specific timeframe,

βœ… The Consultant Authority Builder™ that makes you the go-to expert in your niche,

βœ… The Delivery Power Matrix™ to deliver at scale.

If you’d like more information about how you can apply these systems in your consulting business before the Holidays, (yep, coming up), give me a πŸ‘ and I will share with you the deets on how you can access them.


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