3 Strategies Consultants Need Now

I just got a bill from my accountant with charges for preparing and filing my taxes. They charge $250 per hour.

That leaves me with two questions:

Why $250 per hour?

Why so many hours?

Every time my accountant bills me, I am near having a fit.

I always, always have that undercurrent feeling of uncertainty. For some reason, it costs $4,000 every year to do my taxes. Why?

I have no idea if all these hours are justified, if all deductions and exceptions were applied to the max, or how accurate my tax report is.

I trust them, but …. that subtle discomfort and doubt are always there when I need to fork over .

And that is how a lot of #consulting work is being done these days.

I have news for you. It’s changing.

In times of uncertainty, that subtle discomfort starts turning into a heightened state of aggravation.

The old model of charging dollars for hours is no longer bearable. Consulting #clients want to:

Achieve specific results within a short period,

Get those...

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4 Ways to Increase Trust

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When to say NO to stay on track


'She is so busy because she has so many responsibilities,' I heard someone say about his boss the other day.


If she was important, she would put her well-being first.

She would spend more time with her family and friends instead of at #work.

Having time is the token of importance, not being busy.

Not to be absent from some teams because of another, or an executive meeting, or board meeting, or most meetings.

Being busy has nothing to do with making a difference and being productive.

That's a myth we keep telling ourselves and everybody else to justify our misery and unproductiveness and absence - at work and at home.

Being busy creates the illusion of being important. Makes us feel we are doing all this for a reason higher than ourselves.

That's, of course, a lie we are telling ourselves to stay sane - at least for a while.

That's why we say 'yes' to projects, opportunities, and requests that do not move us forward.

It's a lack of clarity about what matters most and what...

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How to leave your job to start a business


Do you want to leave your job right now but have not figured out how to make the transition?

I am going to share with you three strategies that help you move forward with more certainty and confidence.

The wrong way of leaving your corporate job and starting to do what you love is to burn your boats.

I know many of my colleagues promote that approach. But I am more on the side of safeguarding your physical, mental, and financial well-being. 

To do that, you will need to build three things:

  • Create a product or service that people want
  • Generate traffic to your shop or shopping cart
  • Deliver your product or service

What I want you to avoid, though, is that you leave your corporate job only to find out that either or neither of these things are broken and then you lose your business and savings.

So, imagine this scenario. What if you knew in advance what the market really wants, you had proof that your sales process works, and you felt certain that you can deliver what you...

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