How to make seven figures as a coach

business coaching success Jul 14, 2020

The business coaching market was estimated to be worth more than $15 billion in 2019, up by 5.6 percent compared to the previous year.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg. The global thought leader market, which mainly includes online coaching and digital learning, is expected to reach a combined value of more than $325 billion by 2025.

Think about it: Not every athlete has a coach, but all Olympians do.

Professionals all around the world are now learning from these elite athletes the power of high performance coaching in business.

How can you thrive in this expanding industry?

You may be thinking that you will need coaching certifications. But that is not necessarily true.

That's why I have created a 5-Day Challenge to kickstart your thought leader business. It will help you unlock your money-making idea coaching, consulting or teaching online.

Because coaching students have learned that focusing solely on a coach’s certification is a grave mistake. Certification merely means a coach has mastered some techniques and tools of coaching. It doesn’t necessarily imply that he or she is skilled at using those tools.

Real-life experience and compassion for people in your situation is often a great foundation. For example, an astute business person – schooled in coaching techniques – is more valuable to an executive than a certified coach lacking a strong business background.

If you have proven turn-around experience, you can help struggling business, If you know how to restore cars, raise backyard chickens, or knit sweaters, you are an expert to so many people who could learn from you.

But there is a catch. 97% of coaches do not make more than $60,000 a year, and only 1% exceed $100,000.

What's the difference?

1%-Coaches have a curriculum in place that teaches new strategies, concepts, language, use of tools, and systems. They are also keenly focused on the values they want to reinforce and the character development they want for students.

In other words, they have a plan. They do not just meet for weekly chats to shower their learned concepts on people. They have a process that they divide into a frontend and backend program. 

They offer a six, nine, or 12 weeks front end program for $2,000 to $3,600, which needs to be paid upfront or in installments. And once these coaches have proven their effectiveness, they offer a more expensive annual backend program for about $20-50,000 a year.

Low-earning coaches compete over hourly rates. $1,00,000+ coaches charge premium rates based on what their process can do for their clients.

If you believe you have a gift to share and want to jump in the right way, or just test the waters, join my 5-Day Challenge to kickstart your thought leader business.

This 5-Day Challenge turns your idea into a product or service that you can offer to a worldwide online audience.

  • Day 1: Get clarity on your WHY for your business

  • Day 2: Create your success blueprint

  • Day 3: Position yourself in the market

  • Day 4: Structure and plan your offer

  • Day 5: Professionalize your business empire

After registration, you will get immediate access to the 5-Day Side Hustle Challenge with access to training videos and worksheets. You can start working on your dream right away.


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