How to leave your job to start a business


Do you want to leave your job right now but have not figured out how to make the transition?

I am going to share with you three strategies that help you move forward with more certainty and confidence.

The wrong way of leaving your corporate job and starting to do what you love is to burn your boats.

I know many of my colleagues promote that approach. But I am more on the side of safeguarding your physical, mental, and financial well-being. 

To do that, you will need to build three things:

  • Create a product or service that people want
  • Generate traffic to your shop or shopping cart
  • Deliver your product or service

What I want you to avoid, though, is that you leave your corporate job only to find out that either or neither of these things are broken and then you lose your business and savings.

So, imagine this scenario. What if you knew in advance what the market really wants, you had proof that your sales process works, and you felt certain that you can deliver what you promised?

In order to achieve that:

  • Position yourself in three markets that have proven to be indestructible and have even see increases during recessions: that’s money and finance, health and beauty, and love and relationship.
  • Verify the demand for your offering using Google Trends.
  • Verify on Google that there is not only demand but also buyers. You will know that when there are plenty of advertisers on top of search results, and some of those ads enough are examples of really bad marketing.
  • Reverse engineer the sales process from the most successful offerors in your market
  • Find your audience and test your messaging with the Facebook AI

When you are happy with the outcomes, jump. You know the market is there, and you have already built a minimal viable sales funnel.

You can now automate the pre-sale of your offer, leave your job, and focus on the development and delivery of your product or service.


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