5 Business Motivators To Avoid Overwhelm


If you feel overwhelm. If it's hard for you to get everything in your consutling business done.

When your company and team are 100% dependent on your being in the business.

When you fear your business is plateauing because of too many competing priorities.

Then maybe it's time for you to get clarity on your business motivators.

They are called the 5 Ps:

- Product
- Positioning
- Prospects
- Profits
- Processes

You need to be aware of all five, but usually only one or two need attention right now.

Or one or two get you the most results.

Focus on these two and have the discipline to blend out the rest.

That means:

- Unsubscribe from all newsletters that do not pertain to the one or two business motivators that you have picked.

- Cancel all meetings that have nothing to do with your top two Ps.

- Be clear on what you want to achieve for the top two Ps by the end of the week. Review them every day.

- Make a list of all the activities that you absolutely MUST do to move a project forward (not the ones that you like doing, such as your pet projects or shiny object projects.)

If you only focused on the tasks you absolutely must do, every day, you'd make consistent progress.

- Take a hard look at which tasks you can delegate. Be a delegation machine.

- Learn how to delegate thinking. If you do not know how to do that, let me know and I will share my Delegation Maximizer with you.

Some of the biggest challenges we as owners of consulting firms have is the ability to delegate thinking.

That's all I am saying.

And now I want to hear from you. Which productivity and time management hacks are you using?


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