Skill up, level up, and lead to protect your future

This picture was taken five years ago at the Beijing International Trade Fair. I may not ever again fly to China in a world that has completely gone virtual in just a few weeks.

Since the COVID-19 began, I have spoken with business leaders from all around the world from billionaires to small business owners and thriving solopreneurs.

None of them have experienced any drop in income since the global shutdown. Most have grown their mailing lists, sold more products or services. And they all agreed on the one thing that we all now need to implement in our companies and lives.

This is an urgent time to SKILL UP and ADD VALUE to others virtually right now.

What we have learned from the global financial crisis in 2008/9 and the burst of the dotcom bubble in the late 90s is: Companies and people who withdrew and contracted took longer to recover and experienced a much slower rise when the crisis was over than they could have.

I'm worried about people who are going to get left behind if they fail to act now.

We are not going to go back to normal, soon. Most likely, this COVID-19 scare will last until the upcoming presidential election. The economic outfall will be felt for the next two years, globally.

Right now, the world is split into two types of people, those who plant the seeds and prepare for the winter and soar, and those who withdraw and contract. The latter go into me-me-me mode. They hardly see beyond the next two weeks and do whatever they can to preserve life as they know it.

Ironically, heeding to this innate need for safety also prevents them from rising as fast and high as they could later on.

The other half, and most of my clients and peers, are razor sharply focussed on learning how to teach, sell, work, and deliver online - right now. They are leveling up, skilling up, tooling up. They are planting the seeds now.

They know that through every catastrophe the modern world has ever known, we have always survived. Innovators and leaders have emerged. New opportunities presented themselves. New tools were invented. Things got better.

Yes, the virus is spreading. Yes, people will lose their lives; people will lose their jobs; people will lose their old ways of life. More restrictions are coming. Shops are closing. Cities are closing. The world is at risk. Things are shutting down everywhere.

Just because things are shutting down does not mean that you have to also.

You can make bold moves now to be ready.

In the last two weeks, I have worked every weekend and every night. I met with clients on support and crisis management group calls. I put out Facebook Lives and video blogs to help my audience to get perspective, to pivot, to rebrand, and to master their new virtual world.

Last night, however, I needed to decompress. I did not want to talk. I couldn't even stand my wife, Ann, prompting our son to tidy his room. It was all too much. I had lifted up everyone around me but forget about my own mental sanity and physical health. I have type 1 diabetes and am amongst those who are most at risk of having serious complications from COVID-19 should I contract the virus.

I had forgotten to take care of myself. Yes, I kept my blood sugar levels perfectly in check, but completely disregarded mind-body activation. Yoga and lifting weights? Forget it. I spent every day in my chair.

So to be real with you now... It was tough, and COVID-19 will continue to demand the best of me and all of us. It also reminded me of the power of a strong peer group, the positive impact of world-class coaching, and the importance of physical and mental wellness to perform at the highest levels over time consistently.

That's why I'm looking for people who appreciated the free stuff but who also want to become clients and get SERIOUS about rising above this crisis.

Now the reality is that I just can't help everyone on all these one-off calls and texts and DMs anymore. That's why I created a High Performance Mastermind class, which includes the highest rated coaching program in the world with a verified satisfaction rate of 97%. These are weekly live sessions. It's not an online course.

I am inviting you to join a group of high-performing business and thought leaders.

Just in case you have not heard about me and my work, I have written a letter to you that gives you more background and details about the High Performance Mastermind group:

You know, it's okay that we were all shell shocked a bit there for a while.

To speak with my coach and trainer Brendon Burchard:

"It was human nature to freeze, wait, flee, fight reality. People don't like the unknown, so they retreat into comforts and ease and wine and Netflix. Some of that is just a reset, resting up, which is good.

It's ok that some took a breather amid all the new developments, cancelations, restrictions, and stressors. We were all looking for the new horizon line.

But we can't stay knocked off balance forever.

Like it or not, we're in this thing now.

The implications are clear now.

We can't deny or avoid reality.

We can't justify it away or blame or wish it were not here.

It's time for all of us to get a new perspective and to activate, not hide. Let's do our work together.

Let's move the world forward, even if from home."

It's time to face this moment and to skill up and level up and lead so that we can protect our futures and create an even better world.

- Andrew

PS. If you already know that you will need support from a Mastermind Group. If you have already made a commitment to yourself, your business, and your family to rise above the norm. If you want to get results faster with the world's highest-rated coaching program, then this is for you:

If it's not, go help yourself to any of my free resources on my blog.


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