How to be a Rolemodel in the Coronavirus Shutdown

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How will I make it through? 3 Top Strategies for volatile times.


How will I survive in this new reality? That's the one question I find myself answering these days. Some people struggle with balancing work with kids. Others adjust hard to working virtual. And then, some miss human connection and interaction. Everybody's challenge is different.

This is a must-watch for everybody who finds themselves not just socially distant, but also at risk of being socially isolated when living, eating and working from home are the only options.

Here are three strategies that I give every single of my clients right now. This is the basecamp you need to build to stay string and your best for the next few weeks or even months. These success strategies will make sure that you thrive in the long run - past all of the current upheavals.

Watch it. Share it. Help your colleagues and peer to get into the right mindset, health habits and office practices that help all of us push through.

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6 New Ideas for Finally Getting Results with Daily Affirmation


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Are your daily affirmations working? If they don't, why not? And if they do, why haven't you progressed faster yet? My name is Andrew Lawless. I'm the best selling author and certified high-performance coach and know how much I honor and respect you for saying your daily affirmations. This is amazing. Because what that means is that you are absolutely committed to excellence. That you know that there's a higher level for yourself and that you need to have certain beliefs about yourself that get you there. Amazing. So by all means, do them every day.


The problem with most affirmations, though, is they are selfish, right? They sound like this. I have the courage. I am strong enough. I will be able to do that. I can do anything I put my mind to. It's all about the person. The most effective and impactful affirmations, though, are the ones that are directed at others. They serve a purpose. They serve other people. They...

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3 Strategies to Stop Negative Thinking


Download the worksheet: Emotions as a Call to Action.


Video Script

Andrew Lawless (00:00):

Do you ever have thoughts that you do not like? Easy fix, right? Then just switch them off and replace them with ones that you do. Like if only it was that easy. I wanted to know how to do that all of my life.

My name is Andrew Lawless. I'm a bestselling author and certified high performance coach. And I asked that question for so many years. If I were in control of my own thoughts, why is it so difficult to switch them off? Especially when I do not like them. And what I've learned is that that's not how our brains work. Because the human brain is made to help us survive. It is wired to detect any kind of change in our environment that can potentially harm us.

May I give an example? If there was a lioness- right here a few meters away from me behind the bush - that wanted to eat me, I would not be able to outfight or to outrun her. Because you know, as a species, we are not the...

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5 Questions to Find Your Best Answers to Your Toughest Life Problems


Have you ever scratched your head or pushed your fingertips into the creases of your forehead and thought to yourself: 'I need to figure out? How can I get out of this mess?' 

When that happened did you ever come up with the best solution? Or just 'a' solution that would kind of do?

If you experienced more like the latter, then you have already learned that you cannot come up with the best answers in a stressed state of mind. We come up with the best solutions when we are at our best.

Here are five questions that you can ask yourself, your friends, clients, kids, partners, or stakeholders at any time to use the power of a positively charged mindset and turn around any situation.

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4 Habits of High Performing Sales People


Let's face it. When you start and have your own business, you will need to learn how to sell. So sales = no income.

But have you ever taken a sales course or even hired someone to do the sales for - and it did not work out? The leads and sales just did not come in?

Then maybe it is not about what you have learned, but how intentional you are about your social environment, how you condition yourself for success, what motivates you and which actions you take and won't.

Sales legend Greg Rosner, CEO of and I share strategies to overcome daily struggles in growing our businesses and how to develop a winning mindset.

Enjoy the show and stay amazing.

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Five mistakes in hiring a life and business coach

When it comes to coaching, I feel we are reliving the yoga-story all over again. Fifteen years ago, most people did not know what yoga was. It was hard to find. Most towns did not have a yoga studio. Today people now spend over $38 billion per year on yoga in the U.S. alone.

Like yoga, life and business coaching are going from obscure and complicated to something everybody wants. People are recognizing that they crave meaningful results in their life. Most, however, do not know how to find the right coach.

I, therefore, put together the top five mistakes – and how to avoid them when looking for a coach.

Hiring a coach to give your life and career a boost is a lot like dating. At first, you and your prospect coach both appear to be a whole lot nicer than you really are. Then one question makes it to the forefront of your mind: What’s the impact on my life? My personal growth? My career? My finances? My future?

It is scary, fun, revealing and exciting, and all at the...

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Brains do the most illogical things to keep us safe


Sexual assault. Did this really happen to me? I’m okay. I’ll be all right. In the 1990’s I wanted to figure out. I have had asked me that question for way too long. It would take me more than 25 years to come to terms with it.

Here is what happened. I started doing odd jobs when I was 14 to earn a little more pocket money. One day, one of my male bosses asked me if I wanted to stay behind and learn how to make significantly more money.

But his idea of how this would work was different from what I anticipated. He wanted sex for it. At his first opportunity, he slid his hand into my jeans and began to wank me. Then tried to suck me off.

I was only 14. I was in shock. I did not know what was happening. Why it was happening. Yes, it did also feel good for a moment. I had not felt such sexual sensation before. But I was also disgusted, wanted to run away. Punch him in the face. Get him off of me.

There was no escape. I was clearly physically inferior. And also confused....

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Life can end ‘just like that’ – and lead to spiritual healing.


My father went AWOL when I was 3. But when I heard that he died some 30 years later, I cried.

I do not know why. It just happened.

I was sitting in my dorm at Harvard Business School when my mother called and told me.

Don’t ask me how she knew and why she was still that much engaged.

There are family secrets that we only learn when the people in questions are gone.

For me, I think, it was the realization that the time for asking questions has passed, and I will never get answers.

Then I did what most guys are being taught to do – I bottled it down and never went there again.

Kim Konsten had a different, more healthy response.

Her father died alone in his apartment. They had not spoken for years. But the way he died had a lasting impact on her.

So much that spiritual healing has become her focus in life.

Here is her story.


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7 Insane (But True) Facts About Personality Assessments

The next time you want to hire or promote someone, your HR team may want you to use a personality test to assess candidates. In the US alone, there are about 2,500 personality tests on the market. Before you pick one of them, here are seven facts you need to know.

  1. Your emotional life, behaviors, and motivations are largely housed in the limbic system of your brain. This part of the brain has no capacity for language. That’s why people like personality assessments so much. Their reports put into terms, colors, numbers or pictures what you always knew about yourself but did not have the words to describe.
  2. Gallup’s StrengthsFinder is one of the best-researched choices for assessing a person’s personal motivation, interpersonal skills, self-presentation and learning style. Gallup reveals that only 10% of managers naturally engage team members and customers, retain top performers, and sustain a culture of high productivity. Another 20% can function at that level if...
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