How to have crucial conversations and feel better at the end


Ask any woman in the world what upsets them most in an argument at work or at home.

It is rarely the outcome of a conversation.

Most likely, what bothers them more is that they were not listened to, seen, heard, or respected.

That is also true for direct reports, #lients, team members, peers. and kids.

The issue so often is not winning at all costs but how the decision was made.

And I will add that how both parties feel at the end matters.

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How men can connect better with their female colleagues and peers


Interesting fact: Only women showed up for my workshop on how men can connect better with their female colleagues and peers.

This is a reflection of the challenge that women experience at work every day:

  • Not embedded as much in corporate networks as men.
  • Not receiving as much constructive feedback as men do.
  • Not having access to the same information as man do.
  • Do get judged harsher and penalized harder for mistakes than men.

Neither men nor women tend to do well in such an environment. It makes it so much harder to:

  • negotiate well
  • speak with confidence
  • share ideas openly

Science does not support that women have different communication styles than men. Men respond to unsupportive environments exactly how women do.

The real issue is that women are disproportionally put in environments, created by men, in which thriving is hard.

Men have a moral and ethical responsibility to create safe spaces and an inclusive work environment for and in teamwork with women.

When I asked men who...

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The Working Womanโ€™s Guide to Beneficial Bragging

Are you ready for closing the stubborn gap between men's and women's advancement at work?

How would it be if women had new ways of getting a promotion, earn more money, and take that seat at the table?

What would happen if you acknowledged that your strategies for career advancement may have served you once, but are no longer working?

Women tend to rely on the following ideas about their value and accomplishments:

  1. People will (or should) automatically recognize great work and reward them for it – either with a promotion or increased pay.
  2. People will remember what they did and how they contributed.
  3. Bragging is unpleasant and abrasive behavior. It’s a turn-off professionally and personally, so it should be avoided.

In reality, the issue is not that most people are ignorant of our accomplishments. They simply forget. We even tend to forget many of our own accomplishments as we deliver them day after day. A fact that comes clear to mind before and during performance...

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How to find your WHY in 10 minutes


If I’ve learned anything from working with some of the highest performers in the world, including billionaires, millionnaire business owners, CEO, and my very own, then it is that they all have a sense of absolutely necessary to excel. In other words, we must know our WHY.

When the going gets rough, and rough it will inevitably get, we need a strong reason to pull through.

It does not have to be a change-the-world WHY. One of my clients wants to give his parents a comfortable retirement. Another one wants to get her children through college so that they stand a fighting chance in life.

To speak with Brendon Burchard: "You must get more emotionally committed to what you are doing, and reach that point where success (or whatever outcome you’re after) is not just an occasional preference but a soul-deep necessity."

Here is a short exercise that I learned from Dean Graziosi. I hope you will find it as beneficial and powerful as many of my clients have.

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How to beat Zoom fatigue


Zoom fatigue is a myth. There are only bad content and boring meetings AND presentations that tire people out. How do I know that? Workplace dating has actually increased during the pandemic and it happens in Zoom. So, let's make sure we keep our Zoom meetings as vibrant and engaging for more engagement - sans the dating.

PS. I help senior executives who struggle with transforming their teams lead change with clarity, courage, and connection.

Whenever you are ready, every Tuesday I teach a class on High Performance habits. You can join them here:

And if you ever want to get some 1:1 help, we can jump on a Zoom call, and brainstorm, how we can raise you to the next level of clarity, courage, and connection to transform yourself and your team:

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Why you should pursue a big dream.

Let's talk about life changes, injuries, illness, abuse, failed relationships, mistakes (some of them stupid), career changes (some of them devastating) ...
... how your life and the version of yourself are totally made up. Once you understand that, you can re-create yourself into whatever you want.
Remember that it takes as much effort to make a big dream come true as it does to pursue a small dream.
Listen to the full podcast here
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How to activate yourself in times of uncertainty


In two years from now, we want to look back at these times and be proud of how we handled ourselves. We want our children to be proud of the role models we have been for them.

But in times of distress, when we are in transition, it can be hard to muster the energy to be that person. In this presentation, you will learn how to activate yourself now. Certified High Performance Coach, Andrew Lawless will share:

  • The one life strategy that changes everything
  • How to set and reach new standards for yourself
  • What the most successful people do to get what they want
  • Why your current struggle sets you up for growth
  • The actions you need to take right now to get back into the game


You will leave this session inspired to come out of your transition with a new version of yourself. You will have a simple concept for next steps to new opportunities, relationships, and careers.

(Recording of the session to the COO Forum)

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Strategize your 2021 success - over a cup of coffee


Know exactly what you need to do each day to crush it in 2021. In just 45 minutes, I will walk you through as you watch my clients and me strategize our best year 2021 - and learn how the 2020 pandemic taught us why committing to a strategy is more important than the plan itself.

Download the FREE workbook here.

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These conversation starters help you connect naturally with your loved ones

Remember that a truly healthy, happy Holiday is about being present in the moment.

We dine to connect with the people in our lives. The food is there to signify the importance of the event and also to make it easier for us to focus on the conversation.

Be present in the moment with loved ones. We never know when it will be the last time that we meet someone.

We lose on another. Life throws curve balls.

So, cherish the moment of being together by focusing on the people in your life.

Get to know them better, ask the question you always wanted to ask.

Here are some sample questions that work all the time:

  • What are you most excited about right now?
  • What have you learned from this experience?
  • What is not perfect yet?
  • What are you willing to do to make it the way you want it?
  • What are you willing to not do to make it the way you want it?
  • How can you enjoy the process?

Focus on the conversation. Get to really know what is going on in the person whom you are speaking to.

When you speak...

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How to respond when you hear your calling

There must be more to life than this. That's what I thought over 15 years ago when I was looking down from the balcony of my corner office at the World Bank.
And then my hero's journey began: I received a call to go on an adventure and left. No other job offer. No particular plan. But a boss who was very supportive.
Little did I know at the time that the hero's journey includes a time where s/he must survive a succession of trials.
I had a few. Separation, divorce, mounting debt, death of parents, major shoulder injury and surgery, a global financial recession, a few crazy girlfriends, a few more heartbreaks.
And sometimes I feel that the ultimate boon, the achievement of the goal of the quest, is still not within reach. I am still waiting for that freedom from the fear of death, which in turn is the freedom to live. Living in the moment, neither anticipating the future nor regretting the past.
So, is the Hero's Journey worth it?
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