4 Ways to Increase Trust

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Success Habits for Small Businesses

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Three mistakes that lead to low engagement online

When it comes to engaging their audience on LinkedIn most small business owners have three frustrations:
  1. It takes time to create good content
  2. Content does not get reactions
  3. Low engagement over time
As a result, they get content creation fatigue and revenue stays flat.
If that is you, do this instead:
  •  Define key issues your clients have each week
  • Implement a publishing rhythm that the algorithm supports
  • Create once, re-use often
If you want my worksheets to help you with that, comment 'engagement' below and I will send them to you.
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Retain Your Clients Over The Holidays

When when we went into the Holiday season last year, my client Terri was afraid she would lose some of her clients.
This happened every year.
She wondered why her clients would stop using her services during this time. And then, come next year, it seemed always impossible to re-engage.
She told me that it felt like a failure. She wondered if she was not good enough?
Why else would her clients, who made such great progress with her, suddenly dump her?
We then went through her entire client list and used my Traffic Light system for each to see which ones were most likely to disengage.
Then we applied my Reflection Amplifier to interview each client to reflect on their journey, identify what they still needed to achieve, and then pre-loaded the year for them.
This Holiday Season, it's a totally different picture for her. Clients enjoy this review process with her and cannot wait to continue working with her in the first week of...
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How to find your purpose


So many reasons to be angry, upset, or worried right now.

Let's NOT pick one.

In two years from now, we want to be proud of how we handled ourselves today.

We want our children to be proud of the role models we are.

In 25 years from now, we want our grandkids to wonder how we were such badasses and set our standards high.

If you died today and met the person who you could have become, what changes did you wish you had made?

How would have shown up differently in the world?

What quality of energy would you have generated and infused in your team, communities, and family?

Who would you spend more time with?

What choices would you NOT make?

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When to say NO to stay on track


'She is so busy because she has so many responsibilities,' I heard someone say about his boss the other day.


If she was important, she would put her well-being first.

She would spend more time with her family and friends instead of at #work.

Having time is the token of importance, not being busy.

Not to be absent from some teams because of another, or an executive meeting, or board meeting, or most meetings.

Being busy has nothing to do with making a difference and being productive.

That's a myth we keep telling ourselves and everybody else to justify our misery and unproductiveness and absence - at work and at home.

Being busy creates the illusion of being important. Makes us feel we are doing all this for a reason higher than ourselves.

That's, of course, a lie we are telling ourselves to stay sane - at least for a while.

That's why we say 'yes' to projects, opportunities, and requests that do not move us forward.

It's a lack of clarity about what matters most and what...

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How to get buy-in without push back


If you want more buy-in and less pushback from your teams, then here's the ONE thing, the ONE secret, that you need to know and implement, to be more effective in your communication with your team.

Co-creat with them.

When people co-create with you, they have skin in the game, they will support your idea, plan, or new program. They will put their energy, creativity, and efforts into it, especially when the going gets rough.

If you want to change anything, you've got to stop telling people your vision. You need to make them part of it.

Enable them and empower them to co-create with you. The more they co-create, the more they own it with you.

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How to Build Trust


Building trust is a skill, not a character trait. Trust can be measured. Because of that, it can be deliberately strengthened and improved upon.

the term ‘to trust’ means ‘to believe something is true.’

We don’t trust others because of four concrete reasons:

  1. We don’t believe they have the skills or knowledge to get the job done.
  2. We don’t trust that they are experienced enough to do the job well.
  3. We don’t trust people because they are different from us, do things differently than we would do.
  4. We don’t trust that people deliver consistently.

If one or more of these criteria are not being met, we just don't believe it to be true that the person in question will do the proper job for us. We just don't trust them.

Our job is to review where the trust progression is broken - and then fix it.

From now on out, let's do good things by developing and building trust.

Stop labeling people as being 'not trustworthy.'

Take judgment...

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The secret to lasting change after the pandemic


Last weekend, we celebrated more than just Independence Day. We came back alive.

Are you prepared?

The time for coping and learning has officially ended and we are now in a growth period of unique opportunities.

It was so great last weekend to see the amazing bands of Austin, the artisan stands, the kids’ rides, local breweries, and food choices.

How are you preparing to be ready for the biggest comeback story since the Spanish Flu of 1918?

I shot this quick video training on The Secret to Lasting Change.

Yes, it will be the Roaring 20s all over again.

But, we have got to work at it.

Let’s remember that for many, the Roaring 20s were more like Grapes of Wrath.

Sometimes change is easy, like coming out to celebrate after a long lockdown.

Most of the time, it requires work.

It’s not that people do not want to or cannot change.

It’s just that our nerves do not play game. Literally.

Have you ever wanted to go on a diet, but then decided to do it next week after...

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How to turn complaints into constructive conversations


Understand that complaints are really just questions not asked or requests not made - and the entire dynamic will change with just one single question.

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